Frictionless content payments

For publishers

With a single signup across all publishers on Tapview, readers can purchase content with a single click.

Single signup for frictionless payments


Give your readers the ability to pay for articles one at a time. Publishers set their own price for content. You determine which articles are premium and which ones are free.


Our integrated subscriptions system allows your regular readers to get consistent access and give your occasional readers a path to upgrade. Subscriptions give the publishers the ability to send newsletters to draw readers back to your site.


Collect information about what your readers are reading, and what their micropayments data says about their spending habits.


Engage all your users and maximise your revenue.

Frictionless micropayments

A new way to pay for content

Path to subscription

Convert casual readers into subscribers

Device agnostic

with social media signup

Multi-site account capability

with a single balance across all sites

Maintain publisher control

It's your content and your design

Customer analytics

Power your ad and editorial decisions

Our Team

Technical expertise and media industry experience

James Jansson

James Jansson

Cofounder, CEO, Developer

Alexey Feigin

Alexey Feigin

Cofounder, CTO, CFO, Developer

Jordan Rastrick

Jordan Rastrick

Cofounder, System Architect, Developer

Ross McCaul

Ross McCaul

Enterprise Sales, Capital Raising

Advisory board

Toby Heap

Toby Heap

Founding Partner H2 Ventures

Danielle Szetho

Danielle Szetho

CEO FinTech Australia

Chris Pash

Chris Pash

Journalist, author and former startup CEO

Our Journey

  • Start

    November 2015

    Startup established

    After pitching 6 ideas to each other, we settled on the idea of Tapview. We lived together in a holiday house for 3 weeks while creating our minimum viable product.

  • Stone & Chalk

    January 2016

    Join Stone and Chalk

    We applied to and were admitted as a resident startup of Stone & Chalk, Australia's largest Fintech hub. Being part of this working space gives us access to relevant skills and contacts that have helped us succeed.

  • H2

    April 2016

    H2 Ventures investment and accelerator

    H2 Ventures invested $100K into our company for a 10% fully diluted stake, which implies a $1 million valuation. The H2 accelerator gave us fantastic guidance while building our business.

  • Tapview

    May 2016


    We were previously known as Zipsub. To avoid possible incursion into other trademarks and to make ourselves more memorable, we changed to Tapview.

  • Tapview

    September 2016

    Subscriptions added to service

    Subscriptions are something that publishers wanted, and we listened. With a lot of hard work, we put together a comprehensive subscriptions system that makes us a one-stop-shop for content access management, from the smallest blog to the largest media conglomerate.

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